Simon Walland

LAWYER/McKenzie Friend since 2002

Simon Walland has been a McKenzie Friend since 2002.  He wanted to be able to provide the best assistance possible to people who found themselves in the regrettable position he found himself in when his marriage broke up and he was prevented from seeing his children.

Lawyer & Paralegal

Having successfully dealt with the courts himself, he became interested in law, undertook a Law Degree at De Montfort University, and then completed the Bar Vocational Course at The College of Law.  The Bar Vocational Course taught him all of the skills required in court, including advocacy, how to present cases in court, how to be effective in court and how to prepare correctly for court hearings.

Family Law Specialist Qualifications

Simon is considered as a family law specialist having completed a Higher Professional Diploma in Family Law, and a Higher Professional Diploma in Family Practice.

Simon is vastly experienced in all aspects of family law, including denial of contact, finances and divorce.

Lawyer AND McKenzie Friend

Many McKenzie Friends claim to be experts in law.  They predominantly have no legal training, no legal qualifications, and do not possess the skills that can only be learned at Simon’s level.

Simon Walland is THE Lawyer / McKenzie Friend that has experienced what you are dealing with, and THE Lawyer / McKenzie Friend that has taken the difficult steps to be educated and skilled in the right approach to attending court.

Simon has been trained not only how to prepare a case, but how to deliver it effectively, concisely and with an accuracy that sets him apart from other McKenzie Friends.

The McKenzie Friend other McKenzie Friends come to for advice

Simon is the McKenzie Friend that other McKenzie Friends come to for advice.  Simon also runs regular training courses throughout the year.

Undoubted Experience

Simon has a wide breadth of experience in attending court, and has appeared in the High Court, and the Court of Appeal, where he has been commended in Judgments and his name appears in Case Law.  His presence in court is appreciated by his client, the Judge and opposing counsel.

Simon is trained and qualified in advocacy, and undertaking cross examination properly, effectively and decisively.

Simon Walland – The Man Behind The Name

The above shows Simon as a professional with a wealth of experience – but the man behind the name is reliable, conscientious, and very knowledgeable.  When you speak to Simon about your case you know you are getting the best advice from someone that can help you.