Domestic abuse in any form is abhorrent and nobody should ever be placed in a position where they suffer violence or intimidation, suffer threats or are made to feel that they have to behave in a way that they are uncomfortable with.


Domestic abuse covers a wide range of behaviours and is not restricted to physical violence, but also includes emotional abuse, financial control and psychological abuse. It doesn’t have to be physical yet can still cause harm and distress.

If you are suffering domestic abuse, whether you are male or female, the courts are able to offer protection in the form of various orders. In order to obtain an order to protect you, it is crucial to set out the problems you are facing in a clear and logical way, which is where Simon can bring his expertise to assist you. He will ensure that any harm, or fear that you are suffering is brought to an end as soon as practicable.

The court is there to help, but it needs to know what is happening and how you would like to be assisted.

So how does it work?

Often an application is made without the knowledge of the person causing the abuse. This is to prevent them from interfering and persuading you, or forcing you to abandon the application. Whether the application is made with or without their knowledge, the courts will want to hear both sides of the story so that they can understand the issues and make the right order for a period of time that will ensure your safety. Often an order is made immediately to provide the protection you need, with another hearing to follow shortly to hear from both sides.

Simon will ensure that you work within the process in the right way. The last thing you want, especially having taken the brave step of speaking up, is to find that the court do not understand your problem properly, or feel that you are not in need of their protection. Simon will help you to ensure that you have said everything that needs to be said and that you are clear in the help you need.

Taking the necessary steps towards protecting yourself can be more frightening than simply putting up with the abuse, but Simon will do all he can to reassure you, protect you and make sure that your voice is heard. You should never feel that your voice is not worth listening to, or that your situation is not that bad and that you should just put up with it.

That’s not all. After the hearing, Simon will be able to advise you on how to keep yourself safe and protected. What to do if the other party breaches the order and how to keep secure.
There’s a lot more that Simon can do for you, but right now it’s your turn to make an important decision. When it comes to keeping yourself and perhaps your children safe from abuse, you need the best advice and help you can get. Isn’t it worth spending five minutes now with Simon for an informal chat? After all, this could influence the rest of your life.

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