The breakdown of a marriage is often a highly stressful and traumatic time with accusations and counter accusations being thrown in all directions.

The end of a marriage typically requires three elements to be dealt with, the divorce which dissolves the marriage contract, children and finances. Often issues related to children and finances can be agreed, although if they cannot, Simon is able to assist you to get the right outcome and the court may not even need to become involved. An amicable agreement is preferable to attending court and should be your favoured outcome.

Nonetheless, dissolving the marriage can only be achieved by using the courts to obtain a divorce. An application, called a petition, needs to be made setting out the reasons for the marriage breakdown. There are a number of alternatives to consider, which Simon will assist you with in selecting the option that suits your circumstances best.

Simon will prepare your application and if you are entitled to a reduction, or avoid the court fee (currently £415), Simon will check that you qualify and ensure that you obtain it.

99% of divorces are dealt with on paper and do not need a court hearing, but if your case does require a hearing, Simon will prepare your case and attend court with you, guiding you through the process.

What is involved:

Of the three elements, divorce, children and finances, dealing with the divorce is often the most straightforward, simply because it is usually dealt with on paper and once the application is made, it follows a process with no further involvement from you.

There are five ways to prove that your marriage has broken down and Simon will advise you on the best option that works for you and make the application. Your spouse will receive a copy of the petition and respond back to the court, who will, depending on their response either grant you an entitlement to a Decree Nisi with a date for it to be heard, or your spouse will respond with a counter petition. Simon will assist you to deal with that situation if it arises. Following the Decree Nisi, you can apply six weeks later for a Decree Absolute which is the final stage to the divorce. At that point your marriage no longer exists and you can move on with your life.


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