Preparing you for court.....

Preparing you for your court hearing & assisting you along the way

Simon Walland Family Law can help you prepare for your court hearing, and assist you every step along the way. We provide both moral support and good, sound legal advice throughout the process – meaning help is always at hand.

As a McKenzie Friend, we can assist throughout your court hearing in a variety of ways:

Attending court

  • We can assist you at the court hearing itself – we cannot speak on your behalf, but we can provide moral support and advice during the hearing.
  • Simon Walland, and his team. have undertaken a course of legal training and know the procedures of the family law court, so are better positioned to give good, sound legal advice.

Discussing strategy

  • We can discuss the background of your case, and explain the court process, and explain various strategies for dealing with the situation you find yourself in.

Prepare paperwork

  • We can help you prepare and deal with any paperwork and applications for the court hearing.

Preparing your statement

  • After discussing your background and agreeing a strategy we can assist you with preparing your statement.  Our experience will ensure that your statement remains focused on the issues necessary for the court, and avoid going off tangent.

Collate evidence

  • You’ll need to be open and honest with us, and give us a full background on your case so we can select the information which is relevant and important to your case, and collate the right evidence for the court.

Pre-hearing conference

  • Understandably, you’ll be very nervous and quite possibly emotional – so we will meet you usually one hour before the hearing to run everything through with you, to ensure you know what’s going to happen and help calm any nerves.

Negotiation with opposing party

  • We can help to negotiate with the opposing party and assist you to try and get the best possible outcome.  Many people make the mistake of thinking negotiating in court is similar to buying a second-hand car.  It is not.  There is a method to negotiation that should be followed to gain the optimum result.

Guide you in how to appear in court

  • For many people, this will be your first involvement with the court, so we will explain and illustrate to you how to appear in front of a Judge.

What to say

  • We’ll also tell you what to say in court and more, importantly, what not to say.

Prompt in hearing

  • In the hearing itself, we will not only be there providing moral support but we will follow the hearing closely and prompt you when necessary.

Keep a check on your presentation

  • Whilst we will have prepared you fully for your court hearing, it can be easy to forget things– so we’ll keep a check on your presentation and remind you of anything that is important to be raised.

Ensure the Judge is clear on your position

  • Whilst we cannot speak directly to the Judge [unless specifically invited by the Judge to do so] we can assist and make sure all the relevant points are raised and made absolutely clear to the Judge.

Post hearing meeting

  • Following the hearing we will have a discussion about the hearing and what you need to do next.

Prepare a report

  • During the following few days, we will prepare a report that sets out in simple terms what happened at the court hearing, the court’s decision, and what the decision means to you.

Suggest future strategy

  • We will evaluate the whole court process and suggest a future strategy with you.
Simon Walland