Managing child arrangements during holidays after divorce or separation

Summer has not long finished, half term will soon be here and it is not long before Christmas. For parents who are no longer together, it can mean discussion over where the children stay and when. Managing childcare arrangements when two parents have split can be difficult. The logistics are never easy, specific circumstances such as Christmas day or religious holidays canprovide unique challenges, and all of the time there may be the undercurrent of emotional discord. It would be ideal if parents could agree on a co-parenting plan, but in many cases this is not possible. There may be animosity between the parties, or a complete lack of ability to communicate. And when agreements cannot be made between the parents, it may end up that a judge will make the decision for them.

A Child Arrangements Order can be made from the courts by either parent. This will set out details of the days and times that a child will spend with each parent. The terms are legally binding, and as such it can be reminded to both parties that there are consequences if the order is not followed.If the court finds that there is no “reasonable excuse” for the order not to have been complied with, then the court can do several things, which include fines, community service, committal to prison or even hanging arrangements for the care of your children

A parent cannot take the law into their own hands and decide to breach the order and if a change from initial terms is required it is most appropriate to apply to vary the terms of the order. Our McKenzie Friend team can help you select the correct forms and prepare your application for enforcement of a breach, varying an order or applying for a child arrangements orde.

Getting advice, and seeking to resolve the problem is undoubtedly the way to deal with a change of circumstances or ongoing difficulties with the initial Child Arrangement Order rather than going against the order of the judge.

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