How A McKenzie Friend Can Help You

Every day Simon Walland Family Law changes someone’s life. That’s something to be proud of…

As McKenzie Friends, we help people every day on family law issues related to children, divorce, separation and finance.  We are here to encourage, support and protect you by guiding you through the legal system without fuss, drama, to achieve the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Unlike many other McKenzie Friends, Simon Walland has undertaken a course of legal training which sets him apart – this means when a Judge puts you on the spot, you won’t be left floundering, unsure of what to say, unaware of the repercussions of anything you may respond with.  Instead you’ll receive good, sound legal advice immediately.

What is a McKenzie Friend?

A McKenzie Friend is someone who helps or assists you if you are acting without legal representation (what is termed ‘litigant in person’) in a family law court.  This could be a professional or simply a good friend.

It is your right to have assistance in a family law court of a McKenzie Friend.

Reasons for a McKenzie Friend

Generally, you may be researching or considering a McKenzie Friend to assist you because:

  • You cannot afford or do not have time to appoint a solicitor.
  • You cannot afford the legal fees.
  • You are not entitled to Legal Aid.
  • You have decided to represent yourself in court

Simon Walland Family Law are best placed to act as McKenzie Friends because Simon and his team have experience of the family law court and it’s procedures and, unlike many other McKenzie Friends, are legally trained.  Knowing the court procedure and protocol is a distinct advantage, and can ensure no damage to your case because you didn’t know procedure.

We believe when it comes to you, your family and your children that it makes perfect sense to get the best help you can get.

McKenzie Friend Conditions

The courts have become ever more willing to accept McKenzie Friends and it is extremely rare to be refused.  The court, and opposing counsel are accustomed to having a knowledgeable McKenzie Friend accompanying you to court, or to any prior pre-trial meetings and hearings, and indeed usually welcome it.  After all, it does make their job easier if you are being assisted by someone who is aware of the system and procedure.

A McKenzie Friend cannot speak directly to the court on your behalf [unless invited to do so by the court].  This condition only applies to the court hearing itself and not any pre-hearing meetings, discussions or negotiation.

How a McKenzie Friend can help

Instructing a McKenzie Friend early in the process can help you bring them up to date on confidential information and the background of your case in order to give them a greater understanding of the task ahead.  This helps them to assist you fully going forward.

The majority of people we help are confused by legal processes and intimidated by the prospect of appearing in court on their own, but are unable to afford the high costs usually involved when seeking professional assistance.  We guide them through every aspect of the case, not only providing legal advice, but also giving them the reassurance that they are not alone, that someone is on their side, which can often be as important as steering them through the labyrinth of the legal system.

McKenzie Friends can be by your side and provide moral support in court and as well as any other pre-trial meetings. They can also help you prepare for your hearing and assist in preparing any court applications.

Simon Walland – McKenzie Friend & Lawyer

McKenzie Friends come in a wide range of abilities; Some have little experience, and will do the bare minimum for you.  At Simon Walland Family Law, you are treated as if you have your own Solicitor acting on your behalf.

There are restrictions to the work a McKenzie Friend can do on your behalf, but there is a lot more than simply giving moral support and attending court.

Simon Walland is THE Lawyer / McKenzie Friend that has experienced what you are dealing with.

He is also THE Lawyer / McKenzie Friend that has taken the difficult steps to be educated and skilled in the right approach to attending court.

Simon Walland has undertaken a course of legal training which sets him apart from other McKenzie Friends.  Such are his abilities that he has been asked by other McKenzie Friends on a regular basis for advice, and to assist them in Court and at tribunal hearings. Read more about the legal qualifications and vast experience of Simon Walland that showcase he is a great McKenzie Friend.

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