160 Divorces In One Village... In One Go

Governments across the world have always managed to leave loopholes in even their most stringent laws, and enterprising people have always taken advantage of those loopholes. This is exactly what happened in a small Chinese village recently when 160 couples filed for divorce, all for the same, very specific, reason.

The residents of Jiangbei received notification from the Chinese government that their houses were to be demolished due to redevelopment plans. The good news was that the residents of this village would receive a new house in return, plus £15,500 in compensation.

So why the high divorce rate?

It’s because the residents discovered that the new houses would be given out on a household basis, not on the basis of how many houses were demolished. So a couple would receive one house between them, but two single people would receive a house each. A couple would receive £15,500 between them and… yes, single people would receive £15,500 each!

Therefore, divorces were filed across the village so that every person could receive their compensation rather than every household.

There was only one flaw to this plan. The regulations regarding receiving their new properties meant that the divorces had to have happened at least five years before the notice of the demolition was given. But even this has not stopped the innovative villagers who are instead, it would seem, have been cleverly looking into other loopholes to help them get through the first one.

And they found one. The second loophole states that if the divorce could be confirmed by a legal professional, the time limit would no longer matter. So lawyers in the province are being paid to do just that.  

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Simon Walland