Phil Collins To Testify In Ex-Wife's Divorce Hearing

Divorce really can be complicated sometimes, and this is perfectly played out in the case of Phil Collins’ ex-wife, Orianne Meijati’s, divorce from Charles Fouad Meijati.

Expected to start on 24th April, this case has been a long time coming, with both sides adamant that they won’t give anything away.

Phil Collins is expected to testify at the trial. Why? Because he and Orianne, who had been married before, have now reconciled and are living together once more.

The problems stem from a post-nuptial agreement that both Orianne and Charles signed in May 2015. One side is trying to validate the document, whilst the other is attempting to make it null and void. Orianne and Collins are desperately trying to save the former and perhaps future Mrs Collins from losing her fortune to her soon to be ex-husband.

The agreement, if it is held up, would see Orianne giving her $10 million Miami Beach mansion to Mr Meijati, as well as half of the value of her home in Switzerland, which is currently on the market for $62 million.

She would also need to pay him child support for the couple’s 6 year old son.

And where did Orianne’s money come from in the first place? Her fortune stems from her divorce settlement with Phil Collins – she receive just over $46 million, which was a record settlement at the time. So is this why he is so interested, and becoming involved in his ex-wife’s divorce proceedings?

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Simon Walland