Looks Aren't Everything - Beautiful People Are More Likely To Get Divorced

A new study has been conducted regarding the likelihood of divorce related to how good looking a couple is. Far from the imagined fairytale ending that many people think of when they see a gorgeous couple together, the reality is something quite different.

The better looking the couple, the less chance they have of staying together. And when we think of the high profile Hollywood divorces that are always in the news, it’s clear that this evidence is borne out by fact.


It is researchers at Harvard University who have studied how someone’s appearance affects the longevity and stability of their relationships. The final result was that those who are considered ‘better looking’ by society tend to have shorter, more tumultuous relationships.

And it could all be down to psychology. Professor Christine Ma-Kellams is the social psychologist leading the project, and she has gone further, launching additional studies regarding whether more attractive people were more likely to cheat (which could, of course, have a knock-on effect on the divorce rates for these same attractive people).

The results so far have shown that those considered attractive who have committed spouses still looked at other people, and could consider them attractive. However, those who would be thought of as less attractive tend to stop finding other people attractive once they find a partner.

So although people say they want to be good looking and/or they want an attractive partner, if they also want a happy, long term relationship they might want to think again!

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Simon Walland