Grandparents and Child Support

Are we very far away from a law that makes grandparents responsible for paying child support when their own child is an absent parent? Or when their child is a minor? And if both parents are minors, would both sets of grandparents be called upon to be financially responsible? It sounds far-fetched, perhaps, but in America some 13 states are coming round to this way of thinking. And if it happens there, could it happen here?


This bill is about ensuring that all loopholes are closed when it comes to a child receiving the money it needs in life. It is about ensuring that the tax payer doesn’t foot the bill in all cases of teen pregnancy, when the father – who would normally pay maintenance if absent – is still in school. Normally this would mean that the child would be reliant on state welfare, but under this potential new law it would mean that the tax payer would no longer be asked to pay. Unless, of course, the grandparents were unable to do so.

Do you think this would work in the UK? Do you think it’s a good idea? Would it make any difference to the teen pregnancy rate, or would it just mean that fewer young mothers will need to apply for benefits?

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Simon Walland