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Simon has been a McKenzie Friend since 2002 and has supported thousands of clients through difficult times. Continuing to offer exceptional support, Simon is concentrating on running his acclaimed training courses and providing consultancy to Litigants and McKenzie Friends.

Simon Walland Family Law continues to operate under Simon's own high expectations and standards that are his trademark and, in order to be able to offer a more dedicated service throughout the UK, he works with a few selected McKenzie Friends that he knows that he can trust to uphold his reputation. Simon and the team offer consultations, court attendance and preparation of paperwork from court applications to position statements.

Family Law


This is family law



When parents separate and are unable to agree arrangements for who should see the children, when, where and for how long, ultimately the court can step in and resolve things so that providing it is safe for the children, BOTH parents are involved in their lives.  When you need assistance with the right applications, advice, support in court and help and advice following the hearing, Simon Walland Family Law is here to help. 



Although there are different rules for married, and unmarried couples, it is only fair that when your relationship breaks down, you get what is rightfully yours so that you can make a fresh start again.  There are various ways to obtain your deserved share of the finances, and at Simon Walland Family Law we have many years experience of dealing with them and can assist you to present your case properly.



In many respects the Divorce stage of a relationship breakdown is straightforward, but is often inextricably linked to children and finances.  The divorce process brings the marriage to an end, and the other relevant issues need to be dealt with separately.  How you approach the divorce can have an impact on the other areas, and so Simon Walland family law can guide you through the process that is right for you.


Domestic Abuse

Nobody, male or female should ever suffer from Domestic Abuse and taking the right steps to protect yourself are crucial.  The courts will provide protection in many cases and making an application needs to be handled correctly to prevent further harm taking place.  At Simon Walland Family Law, we have extensive experience to call upon to help you stay safe.